buy Windows VPS India

It is extremely important to understand what VPS is before we dive into the topic. VPS is the acronym for Virtual Private Server. Its basic use is to help you host your website while giving you only a slice of the server.

Windows VPS India

How is VPS different from an entire server?

If you have an entire server to yourself, it is called a ‘dedicated server’. But, if you only get a part of it, it’s called VPS. A server’s job is to store the data, which you want to display to people that are visiting your site. An entire server is only a computer with a lot of memory, lot of processing power, and lot of space for hard disk data and better bandwidth, which is transferring all the data continuously to the viewers on the website. In this process, your website’s domain (name) is linked with an IP address allotted to you with the server, from whoever you purchase.

A server can give you more than one dedicated IPs, and each IP can link with more than one website. This concept is used in Virtual Private Servers. When you buy windows VPS India, you are basically purchasing/ renting a small portion of the server. If you purchase ‘shared hosting’, you will be sharing a small portion of the server with several other users. Which means, one IP address will be linked with websites of all the people that are sharing the portion, while that is not the case with VPS where you get dedicated IPs to host your websites individually. There are two types of VPS, Windows VPS, and Linux VPS.

Buying a Windows VPS India or VPS hosted from India, is any day more expensive than buying it from other countries.

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