Ear Gauges To Add The X-Factor To Your Regular Accessories

Ear gauges are huge chunks of jewelry that are worn by people after the ear is stretched to a similar size. Ear stretching is a process that requires you to have beforehand knowledge of the various aspects of the procedure so that there might be no health issues. The very first step is to get your ear pierced in a conventional manner. Stretching requires the bit of patience and gentleness as it would best suit your interest to allow it to happen naturally.

ear gauges
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Classy and modern jewelry

However, once the final result is achieved you can adorn your ears with gauges of your choice. These ear accessories are available in various designs and types. From silicone plugs to acrylic to stainless steel, these gauges are available in different varieties to suit your requirements. Also, you can choose from among numerous options in terms of design and intricacy. For instance, how about taking a look at this amazing piece of art made of stainless steel with silver hearts around a beautifully crafted rim at a price that will surely not burn a hole in your pocket. Or let’s just spare a moment to imagine how pretty these earplugs made of synthetic pearls in a dangler style will look and add wonders to your otherwise regular accessories.

A further insight into an amazing collection of ear gauges highlights some exquisite products. We came across these wooden plugs featuring a gem in a rainbow colour with a double saddle that was astonishing to look at and equally comfortable to wear for everyday purpose. In order to please our curiosity, we further examined similar plugs and that’s when we discovered these astounding stainless steel ear gauges with a teardrop gem in the centre.

Thus, these ear gauges are extremely comfortable, classy and economical option to add a distinct touch to your casual style.

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