Filter your Inbox:

Receiving spam and junk mails have become extremely common with the abundance of the spam, ransomware, phishing materials on the web being attempted. It is important to protect yourself from such hazardous mails that could potentially lead to a data loss or an email downtime while also increasing your productivity as a user. Hence, email filtering is one of the best solutions to nullify the risk of fraudulent content being received by the user.

Email Filtering

With EveryCloud, it filters all your mails for such content and increases mail visibility of relevant content. It’s a very wise choice to opt for such services especially if you are involved in business and receive lots of mail daily.


  • A premium service with a free 30-day trial
  • Most trusted across 8000 companies globally
  • Used in highly sophisticated data centres in US, Europe and Australia.
  • It also supports filtering for Exchange, Office 365 and Google Apps
  • Access to UK and US-based support teams with the subscription
  • Gives you a spam mail filter, threat protection, archiving, encryption and continuity.

Email filtering has been made easy with this service and it is really easy to set this service. It is more advanced than its competitors and thus has got a simple interface that is being applied. It filters all the mails in your inbox including marketing, spam and virus-containing mails before they reach the user.

Setting up:

  • Create an account: Doesn’t matter how many business users are employed in the company, it can be started for free by completing a short form that requires certain details.
  • Firewall and Setting Adjustment: Just follow the guideline to allow email only via EveryCloud and the support team is available 24/7 for any assistance in the settings
  • Change the MX Records: It will direct the mails to your platform via EveryCloud by spam detection and virus free accreditation.


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