How Big Is Your Lawn for using Artifical grass

The bigger the lawn, the cheaper the installation price of Artificial grass samples per square metre — as you’re able to save through economies of scale.

Aggregates generally come in bulk bags and the more you buy, the more bargaining power you need to obtain a better price.

Some builders’ merchants will charge you the same delivery fee to deliver eight bulk bags as they would just one.

Suppliers will be able to offer you better rates for this, both because the bulk bags themselves cost money, and they also haven’t had to spend the time’bagging up’ the substance.

The downside to this method is that you have to have a driveway that is big enough to accommodate a loose load, as it has to be leaned on to your own property.

You will probably want to protect your driveway with a tarpaulin or sheets of plywood — that will add to cost if you don’t already have them.

Your installer should weigh up the financial expenses of both bulk bags and loose loads to find out what will work best for the situation, though generally, for lawns less than 60m2, bulk bags are the way to go.

For larger yards, not only would you save money on stuff, but labour costs normally come down, also.

For instance, it might take an installer two weeks to finish a 50m2 setup from begin to finish. However, it’s very likely that a 60m2 lawn can also be carried out over the exact same two-day interval, as there isn’t always that much more work involved.

As always, contact a respectable local installer who can talk you through the numerous options and advise on the most economical way of installing your artificial yard.

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