Methods Of call of duty accounts

A group selling cheats for Call of Duty: Warzone has sold accounts that have been linked to phone numbers. This bypasses a security feature that the game’s makers implemented. It makes it easy for cheaters to move quickly to another account.

This development highlights the constantly-evolving cat and mouse game between game studios and those who sell and develop cheats in an underground multi-million-dollar industry call of duty accounts.

Cheaters will often resort to tools like so-called aimbots that automatically target players to gain a competitive advantage. Warzone does not allow such behaviour and will ban cheaters. Activision announced that it had already banned more than 70,000 players in April.

Cheaters banned from playing often cheat by creating new accounts. This is more common in free-to-play games such as Warzone, where they can continue creating accounts for no cost. In May, Infinity Ward and Activision (the studio and publisher behind Warzone) introduced a new feature that required users to have a phone number to create an account. Cheats could not sign up for the game as it was more difficult.

“So, I’ve been banned from modern warfare multiple times. It now requires me to add a phone line to each account. Online disposable numbers don’t help out either. Detaching my actual number is not an option, and attaching it to multiple accounts doesn’t work. A user from an established cheating forum asked shortly after the change

Many people don’t have enough phone numbers to set up multiple accounts. Some online services also block signups from certain numbers, such as those related to the voice-calling app.

To help cheaters, some people selling cheating Discord accounts are now offering to verify that they have pressed through the steps with a phone number.

One vendor sells such accounts at $1.89 and has just over two dozen left in stock, according to their Shoppy Page.


At least one Discord user appears to be happy with their purchase.

The reviewer wrote, “Full hwid banning in MW referring to a ban that game companies issue at the hardware level. “I purchased a spoofer and a new SMS account, and I am back playing with no problems. “

The cheater declined to give more details on obtaining the SMS verified accounts.